Whether it's in Spanish or English, Anacani speaks in one universal along with youth, beauty and warmth.

Born in Sinola, Mexico on April 10, 1954 as Anacani Maria Consuelo Y Castillo Lopez Cantor Montoya....she grew up in a large and musical family. Her father played guitar, her grandfather played the violin for many orchestras during the 1920s and 1930s and her mother was a pretty talented vocalist in her own right. When the family emigrated to the United States and settled in Escondido, California, she was already on her way to becoming a performer following in her older sister's footsteps. By the time she was in her teens, she appeared on several television shows that aired throughout Latin America, many of whom were produced by Mexico's national broadcaster Televisa.

Anacani first got the chance to meet Lawrence Welk in 1972 at his Escondido resort, where she had a chance to sing for him in an informal audition. Impressed with her talent, beauty and her wholesome family upbringing, the Maestro hired her as the resort's singing hostess. She made her Welk show debut on the "Salute to Mexico" program on January 10, 1973 with the song, "Luna". After a few more guest appaerances followed by an overwhelming positive response from the viewing audience, Lawrence made her a part of the Musical Family shortly afterwards.

While on the show and afterwards, Anacnai had many exciting new oppurtunites open up for her, recording an album titled 'Lawrence Welk presents Anacani' for Ranwood Records and acting appearing in the movie "Zoot Suit", and in the mini-series "Marisol" as part of television's "Romance Theater". She also co-hosted the nationally syndicated variety series, "Bravisimo". For several years, Anacani has also took part in the West Texas Rehabilition Center's annual telethon where she lent her talents for a noble cause.

As a vocalist of many talents, Anacani can also play the guitar, the accordian and is an accomplished seamstress. Since she continues to perform live, the latter has come in handy as she makes her own costumes!

She's married to Rudy Echeverria since 1978, and they have a daughter Priscila who recently graduated from the University of San Diego. They make their home in Escondido.