She, along with Bobby Burgess, created a job for themselves Lawrence Welk once said; and boy what a job that turned out to be!

The first of Bobby's three dance partners, Barbara Boylan showed millions of television viewers how to dance, and from 1961 to 1967 did so with grace and energy!

Born and raised in Long Beach, California on August 12, 1942; Barbara first took up dancing when she was six years old. When she was eleven, she took up Catillian (ballroom) dance enrolling with a local studio.

It was there that she met and partnered with Bobby Burgess, and of course the pair took up that would lead to bigger and better things.

Barbara first appeared on television at age fifteen when she and Bobby both appeared on "The Mickey Mouse Club" doing what they did! Off-camera, the two continued to dance, even teaching some classes to up-and-coming students.

She and Bobby's first appearance on the Lawrence Welk Show came in early 1961, when they had won a "Calcutta" dance contest which first prize was a guest appearance on the Maestro's show. A few weeks later, they appeared again when they had a dance routine to another one of the Welk band's popular songs. "Yellow Bird".

After six months of guest appearances, mostly dance routines to popular Welk instrumental numbers...they were hired as regulars, having created a "job for themselves".

While on the show, Barbara met Greg Dixon of the Blenders; they soon married in 1967 and later made the decision to leave the show to become a full-time housewife. She would also add the duties of mother as well, giving birth to two children, David and Dee Dee.

Barbara briefly returned to the show in 1979, reassuming her role as Bobby's dance partner when Cissy King left. Although they were popular as ever, it was only a temporary fill-in until Elaine Balden was hired.

Today, she and Greg make their home in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado where for 25 years, she ran a local dance studio.