Whenever Cissy King hits the dance's always excitement and artistry in motion.

As the second of Bobby Burgess' three dance partners on the Lawrence Welk Show, Cissy has established herself as one of the world's finest dancers, her athletic skill, personality and flair for entertaining has won her millions of loyal fans and inspired many more to take up dancing themselves.

Cissy was born in Trinidad, Colorado on January 3, 1946, her father was a geoloist who moved the family to Albuquerque, New Mexico when she was a toddler....and by the time she was three, Cissy started dancing regularly. As a teenager, while attending Highland High School and later the University of New Mexico, she was a cheerleader, gymnast and an accomplished swimmer....those skills would add more versitility to her dance talents, she had already entered and won several ballroom dancing competitions, most with her brother John King as her partner.

In 1966, Cissy performed at Six Flags Over Texas as part of the live campus revue titled, "Let's Find A Cause"

A year later, she caught the attention of Welk star Bobby Burgess...who was looking for a new dance partner when Barbara Boylan left. He heard of how Cissy and brother John were a ballroom dance couple powerhouse and saw her in action, and soon enough the Maestro himself, Lawrence Welk, caught wind and liked what he saw.

She made her Welk show debut on August 1967, and for the next twelve years....would dance with Bobby and sung in many group numbers as part of her duties as a champagne music maker.

In 1974, Cissy was honored by the Dance Masters of America with an award for outstanding contributions to dance....other recipents have included Eleanor Powell and Fred Astaire.

After leaving the Musical Family in late 1978, she continued to dance, either as part of her revue, "Two Fellows" or as a choreographer at Knott's Berry Farm's live show. Cissy has also did some acting, recently as part of the touring Broadway production of "Always Patsy".

Today, Cissy makes her home in Albuquerque....and continues to teach dance and choreograph for local productions.