She is the known as the girl with the golden voice, with a flair for ballads and pop standards but also has great personality, with a talent for novelty songs and comedic numbers.

Kathie Sullivan, is without a doubt, one of the most talented and versitile Champagne music makers from the Badger State since Curt Ramsey....and one of the most prettiest too!

Born in Kenosha, Wisconsin on May 31, 1953; orginally she did not start out as a vocalist. While attending George Tremper High School as a teenager, Kathie took up playing the violin because it was the only instrument available in the school orchestra. She played that instrument for a while until her orchestra teacher encouraged her to take up the cello, and convinced her to study voice.

So Kathie then joined the
a capella choir, and once entering the University of Wisconsin-Madison, continued to study classical music with hopes of becoming an opera singer. By this time, she also was singing gospel music, having been deeply religious throughout her life.

During her senior year at UW-Madison in 1976, the Welk orchestra was out on their annual concert tour and Madison was one of their stops. Kathie auditioned for and won the title of the local "Miss Champagne Lady", which included singing a few numbers with the musical family live at the show. Lawrence was impressed by her pure singing voice, when she was singing "My Bill" for him, that he offered her a job with the Music Makers. She accepted and when the 1976-77 season started for the Welk show, she was singing regularly before a national TV audience.

Since then, in addition to her tenure on the show from 1976 to 1982, Kathie has released several gospel and inspirational albums, was named 1982 Female Gospel Singer of the Year, toured on behalf of World Vision and on one occasion, sang the National Anthem at County Stadium before a Milwaukee Brewers baseball game in 1983.

For a while, she also dated legendary comedian Andy Kaufman whom she appeared with on the season opener of the ABC sketch comedy show "Fridays" in 1981.

Today, Kathie makes her home in Dallas, Texas with her husband Hugh Tollack and their two daughters. She works at an area retirement community providing entertainment for it's residents and also drives the community center's bus!