Throughout the more than fifty years the Lawrence Welk show has been on television; starting out on local station KTLA in 1951, then nationwide on ABC in 1955 followed by syndication in 1971 and later on public television from 1987 to this day, several factors have contributed the show's enduring success and popularity.

Of course they include the Maestro himself, the Champagne Music and its music makers and the colorful sets and costumes they wore and that's very true....

But you can make the case that the lovely and talented ladies featured on the show have a huge part in why we watch!
They come from all parts of the USA, each of them different and unique and very talented. Whether it's the Champagne Ladies of Alice Lon and later Norma Zimmer (or even Jayne Walton, Lois Best, Helen Ramsey and Roberta Linn from way back!), the talented sister acts of the Lennon Sisters, Semonski Sisters and Aldridge Sisters, the honky-tonk piano stylings of Jo Ann Castle or the vocal talents of Ralna English (of Guy & Ralna), the ladies of the Welk Musical Family have something for everybody.

Many of you are Sandi Griffths fans, whether she teamed with Sally Flynn as 'Sandi & Sally' or with Gail Farrell and Mary Lou Metzger as the trio of Sandi, Gail and Mary Lou. Perhaps you fancy the funky Latin harmonies of the Maestro's Mexican senorita Anacani, our you maybe just a little bit' country first with Lynn Anderson and later Ava Barber.

Or maybe you fell for Bobby Burgess' three dancing partners, Barbara Boylan, Cissy King and Elaine Balden?

And of course, the many fine soloists like Natalie Nevins and Kathie Sullivan is your preferred choice.

But I will betcha that while many of you have favorites, you really love them just can't choose one over the other!

So let's take the time, and get to know the ladies!